21 May 2007

Wall Street financial world's top player

Wall Street is the world's top financial Super numerous players, But here famous player on the stock market here seems like confusing. Fame too quickly into oblivion faster. After those winners of the survival of the fittest, has become an indicator for the stock market. their movements are involved with the hearts of hundreds of millions of shareholders, who have no glory will laughed last. They also contributed to the legend has become a talking point on funding.

2 May 2007

The most expensive cigars

The world's most expensive cigars are landing in France। Five boxes of Cuban cigars will be sold in France. a box of cigars sold at 15,000 euros (150,000 yuan) Refining the cigar box contains 40 20-centimeter-long "Behike" cigar. Each root cigars prices as high as 375 euros.

Paris has been engaged in commercial activities over three centuries of La Civette cigar sales company said, The buyer has a box of cigars. The company said, the buyer is a foreigner, it did not disclose further details. Other reports claim that the eastern part of a French sales company said the cigars, three from the Lorraine region of cigar lovers have bought the box.
These cigars from Havana, Cuba's famous cigars produced El Laguito factory, It is from the factory the most experienced technicians Norma Fernandez produced raw materials is seven to nine years to tobacco. "Behike" brands from Cuba, a tribal leader's name.

27 Apr. 2007

Taste buds and delicious dining together Soaring

Foie gras with fish sauce and truffles (a mushroom, fragrant smell, table with the distinction of gold) of the world's three famous gourmet treasures is one of France's traditional dishes। Its precious to the same extent as our lunch on the shark's fin, sea cucumber। That foie gras is not the food elite exaggerated।
For eating, menu-eat cold and hot to eat two, generally eaten cold foie gras to be blood bars after stirring broken into Application of Muddy, call it sauce। This is what we usually refer to as the Eganjiang, hot food generally take foie gras after block after marinated grilled or fried or ettringite। Both hot and cold, the Western Lane foie gras are to be used as the first site, although it can not be considered a hunk। But in the table before play was the role that can not be ignored।
Goose is not flying, but often are looking forward to a much foie gras, I could fly to the dinner table, the entrance is kind of like 60,000 Eimeria meticulous, lips and teeth in your mouth and taste the feeling of infinite taste buds can be linked to the infinite passion, a mousse, or that a Eganjiang for me, the lure is enough to let me give up what, for instance, on a three-day hunger, At that time the United States meal meal of foie gras are not balk।

Introduction of flameout protector

The purpose of flameout protector:

When we use the cook top, the fire may be extinct because of the wind or overflowing water. In this case, the protector may cut off gas to prevent some accidents happening because of its leakage, such as poisoning, explosion or fire. In this way, it realizes its safety protection function.
Working sketch-map of flameout protector
The first step: Piezoelectricity

The second step: Valve-open condition
The third step: Cut off gas in sudden flameout condition

Chronicles "bag" Love

This is probably the most controversial of this year, one of the new products, which some people refer to "15, of the flavor of fine handbags merge is the classical masterpieces of paintings, "some people say it is" deeply as one of the LV staff, put all the ugliness shelf packages cut into fragments to vent their anger, designers again up a debris bags, "What is it? Louis Vuitton introduced the new concept Tribute Patchwork kits 15 LV packets from collage, and then crocodile leather, and rare bird feathers decoration, a price 40,002 1,000 dollars, equivalent to 325,080 yuan. Of course, even if you want to have anything to buy, because it is limited edition, the UK is only one. How use, it has little, if any, what style of clothing is not a good distribution, put it bluntly, it was described as a "scientific strange packages." In fact, 15 of the handbag is a clever combination, looked dazzling enough, but people still feel a bit Xiuzhu users ... Although I will not choose this one packs the streets, but if each one lv things are so acceptable, marc jacbo or marc jacbo? Say how -- tolerance aliens, the protection of genius!

25 Apr. 2007

Sichuan Opera Skills "Changing Faces "

Legend has it that "independence" is the human face of the fierce and ancient beast, In order to survive their face in different ways, given different forms to frighten the animal invasion. Sichuan Opera "transform" onto the stage with marvelous skills to make it a unique art. Diverse methods generally are divided into three types : the "clean face", "blowing the face", "ball." In addition, there is also a "lucky" attitude changed.
"Clearing the face" to the make-up grease paint Tu face a particular location, when a hand to his face whispering, will become another face। If all changed, the amount of grease paint on the surface or eyebrows, if only the second half of the face changes, grease paint can be applied to the face or nose. If only a partial change, only Tu grease paint to change the location can be. "Blowing face" can only be applied to powder-like cosmetics, such as powder, graphite, silver, and so on. Some of the arena on the ground facing a small box, containing powder, the actors to do when she prostrated herself in a dance movements, seized the opportunity to face close to blowing a box, put powder on my face, and immediately became a different color on the face. One must bear in mind : blowing when closed, and closed breath "in collaboration face" is a more complex method of a change of face. It is prior art in a mask of a silk fabric, scissors, and have each mask is a string, again to a one stuck to the face. Thread went clothes in a smoothly without visible places (such as on a belt). With the progress of the plot, the dance movements under the cover of a one it to be translated to. "Collaborating face" a certain degree of difficulty. First, the adhesive sticky mask not too many, so that when poles down, or all of a mask to have translated. Second, action should be brief and leave action to clever and can cover STYLOMMATOPHORA audience. There is a way of "changing face of luck." Qigong can be used by the face so red to gray and then white to green, agreed that the performance of fear.

18 Apr. 2007

Dubai with gold to create a paradise on earth

The world's largest shopping mall, the world's "seven-star" hotel Alabata [name as transliterated], the world's first skyscrapers। the world's largest indoor ski dome, is the world's largest artificial island construction, Arabs with their own ambitious action once again prove to the world that their own crazy.

As a country, it is younger than you, the time span of 15 years, it from a desert town into a global business hub। destination shopping paradise……

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas